Mar 8, 2008

Discover Personas for Firefox

Today I discovered upon the most wonderful extension for Firefox that I always wanted but never thought I would get. It's called Personas for Firefox and it has been developed by Mozilla Labs.

What's unique about this extension is that it adds light-weight theming support to Firefox -- which means that it lets you switch between a number of nice looking themes in Firefox without having to restart the browser -- as is the case with the usual themes that you install in Firefox.

Personas in Firefox The way this extension works is that you get a small icon in the browser's status-bar, which you can click to choose from a number of themes that are categorized by popularity as well as by the type of the theme (click the screenshot to enlarge).

Random Selection What's more, you even get to set your theme selection to a random choice from any category of your preference, which means Firefox will use a random theme each time it restarts! I am wondering how much better can this get?

I highly recommend this extension to every Firefox fan. This is something you might have been waiting all along :-)

To know more about Personas, and to install the extension, click here.

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