Feb 19, 2008

Buying a Laptop from Dell

I recently ordered a laptop from Dell India.

I found a number of problems with the billing, invoicing and delivery of the order in Dell India, which left me very dissatisfied.

1. There was no way to place my order online directly without getting a sales representative involved.

2. Once my order was successfully placed, the sales representative stopped taking my calls and stopped answering my e-mails.

3. The sales representative did not provide me any way to track the status of my order.

4. The expected date of delivery (15 days) was communicated only verbally, not in written.

5. The credit card payment had to be made over the phone. There was no payment gateway however. I was supposed to hand over my credit card details to the Sales Representative verbally. This is a highly unsafe and therefore an unacceptable practice.

6. After making the payment, I was not provided any written record (hard copy / soft copy) as a receipt for the payment.

7. My notebook computer was delivered to me after a long delay (one month after placing the order and making the payment). Such delays are unacceptable, and must be compensated for, if unavoidable due to any reason.

For these reasons, I would never recommend Dell to any friend, relative or colleague in India.