Mar 12, 2012

An Open Letter to Bharti Airtel

Dear Bharti Airtel,

Once upon a time, you used to be the best Telecom company in India. You had the best quality of service, the lowest downtime, and the lowest response time in addressing customer concerns among your peer companies in the Telecom sector in India.

But your credibility and reputation seem to have taken a huge backseat in the past 1 year. Your profits are shrinking quarter after quarter, you have been heavily penalized by both the Indian and the African governments for indulging in unfair trade practices, your quality of service has gone for a complete toss, and customer satisfaction is the lowest ever.

Looks like you are caught in a vicious circle. The more your profit margins decline, the more you are going to lower your standards, and it will cause still further decline in customer satisfaction levels - which, in turn, will cause your profits to sink lower.

Please come out of this state of constant decline, and become the nice company that you used to be once upon a time. I know this may cause your profits to suffer in the short term, but you may be able to reap some long term benefits this way. Otherwise it's a lose-lose situation - both for you, and for us - your customers.

Yours sincerely,
A customer

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