Jan 2, 2009

Want a light-weight alternative to iTunes?

When I purchased an iTunes-enabled mobile phone in 2006, little did I know that in order to be able to maintain my music library on the phone, I'd have to use the crappy combination of iTunes+QuickTime on my primary computer.

Not only are iTunes and QuickTime unnecessarily large, they leave a lot of crap on the system every time you update to the latest version, and they unnecessarily slow down the system by installing numerous services that need to be enabled just in order to add or remove songs to your iPod.

Luckily, I discovered Floola (a free, light-weight alternative to iTunes), which satisfies the following criteria of any good software:

  • Stable (does not crash)
  • Cross platform (available on Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Portable (does not require installation)


What's more, Floola is:

  • Compatible with iTunes (in terms of functionality)
  • Even recognizes iTunes-enabled Motorola mobile phones
  • Can manage Music, Videos, Podcasts and Photos
  • Can repair corrupt iPod databases
  • Automatically converts incompatible audio and video format files to iPod-compatible format
  • Highly configurable, with a host of options that you can tweak (see the screen-shot below)

Floola Preferences

Floola can be downloaded here. If you like Floola, do not forget to donate.

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